Learn from 9 Highly Influential Leaders in Today’s World of Marketing

Johan and David

All the way from Sweden, meet Johan Eriksson (left) and David Stahlberg (right). They are not among the 9 highly influential leaders as stated on the title of this post, but they are the one-of-a-kind entrepreneurs that are bridging the learning and knowledge-sharing gaps across various parts of the world between the 9 unique leaders and the rest of the ordinary people like you and I to digest more knowledge in today’s marketing at the comfort of our couches and beds in our homes.

How is that even possible? Simple, by reading the latest book published by Johan and David as shown below. For those who do not know me well, you may understand my words as a cliche statement. Meanwhile for those who indeed know me well, you may be asking yourselves questions like how this particular book got my attention as I read magazines more than thick books? Fret not, I shall explain further 🙂

Marketing Goes Digital

I first stumbled upon this book when browsing for non-reading material products on Amazon few days ago from the date of this posting which was by accident based on suggestion of products relevant with my searches at that point of time which this book happened to be one of the suggested products. Most e-commerce websites worldwide have opted for this functionality as well, which I believe one of the valid reasons is for traffic’s sake. You don’t have to be among people working behind-the-scenes to know the fact about it, even an amateur online shopper can easily spot it too.

“Finally, the book that reframes digital.” – Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safila Group and Non-Executive Board Member of the IKEA Group.

Well with random curiosity, I checked through details and reviews about the book. Despite of knowing that the book just been publicized on Amazon US, but to have one of the highly-sought after CEOs to recommend this book which indirectly stating: “This is the book that by far has best explained about chemistries of marketing and digital”, I took the chance gambling on this book and everything kept within 286 pages of endless grey areas to be discovered.

Some of you may say that what I have done was foolish, but let me tell you this – as a person who rarely spend time reading thick books, contents of this book driven me to keep on exploring through until the last page of it which I finished reading it within 4 days since the day of purchase.

To simply say that, it may potentially sounds like a faked truth. It wasn’t just that motivated me to read it, but also because of my high interests in marketing and digital as a whole. It’s common sense, I guess? Like how you had crushes on certain man or woman, you don’t totally just jump on the bandwagon and ask that person directly to have a date without thoroughly know about him or her first, right? I don’t deny that some really got the guts to do so anyway 😀

Anyway, back focusing on the book, what makes this book which I would say a must-read to all of you is because of knowledge and thoughts you can learn from 9 unique leaders which I have mentioned in the early part of this post. I must say that Johan and David done a magnificent job on publishing this book of wonders with sharing by leaders like Avinash Kaushik of Google, branding expert Martin Lindstrom, one of the well-known Scandinavian angel investors and entrepreneurs Mengmeng Du, Nelly Andersen of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, and other 5 more which you have to discover yourselves by buying and reading the book. Come on, there’s no thrill if sharing everything right? 😉

Therefore to let you have your share of increased curiosities on exploring fascinating contents of this book, I will not share further but recommending to you instead on purchasing this book at one of online stores below:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
AdLibris Sweden
Bokus Sweden

If you are so into marketing and digital like a die-hard fan, then this is a must-buy for you before it is sold out as I believe that this book is highly potential to be sold out really fast like hot and freshly-made pancakes or fresh-from-the-oven apple pies, if you are into food like myself as well! 😀

Till next posting, may you have a splendid day and evening where ever you are 😉

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