Wondering Wonderists’ Wonderology

“Create Wonder and Inspire People through Engaging and Imaginative Experiences” – Petrosains

Greetings everyone! 🙂

As by November 25, 2012, I ended my times volunteering for Petrosains at one of their divisions which is the Petronas Twin Towers Visit Operations (PETTVO). It may sounds cliche, but yes – I ended my times here for now because I will begin my studies in the next semester on December 1, 2012.

Fact 1: This is the first time in my life of working/volunteering in a workplace where I need to clock-in and clock-out using a punch card.

Referring to the title, any idea what does the words “Wonderist” and “Wonderology” mean? Well, this is one of the first few things that had been taught by the Petrosains’ Head of Volunteers’ Management Section (VMS) which is Mr Nazri. Some of you may already know, while some may not.

The suffix “-ology” means a discipline of study, and the suffix “-ist” means one that specialises in a skill.
So, in short, “Wonderist” is the one that specialises in “Wonderology” which is a discipline of study on Wonders. These terms are belong to Petrosains.
In a way, I’m technically one of the Wonderologist that not only studies, but also teaches Wonderology from and to people around throughout my experiences of volunteering at PETTVO.

Fact 2: Level 83 of Petronas Twin Towers is one of the stations where it is a part of a complete trip for visitors before reaching Level 86.
Fact 3: Some may confused on how to get to the Visit Operations area. Well, this is the meeting point at the Ground Floor where as you will find the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra on your left-hand side.
Fact 4: Basically, this is the entrance once you head down to the Concourse level from the meeting point as been showed above.

Now, here’s in short of what I’ve gained in terms of experiences and knowledge throughout my times right here at PETTVO.

Fact 5: 90% – 95% of visitors that are coming to the Visit Operations on daily basis are foreigners.
You will never miss the chance to interact with foreigners day and night whenever you are working/volunteering there. What will you learn to improve is your confidence in Public Speaking, verbal communication in English, and learn other foreign languages as well (have to say, it depends on your luck on getting that chances – especially on learning it from the foreigners themselves).
Fact 6: Petrosains Volunteer Programme was awarded the Best Youth Education Programme at the Petroleum Economist Award back in 2008 and also one of the The Prime Minister’s CSR Awards back in 2009.
To be a part of the programme, it is an opportunity even for myself to learn knowledge and gain experiences both out of the box and beyond the boundaries respectively, together with aspiring teammates at a vibrant workplace.
If you are a photographer, then this is the chance for you to take great shots at par of a bird’s eye view while working/volunteering at the workplace. In a way, it is also a chance to see how magnificent was the city development and also to thank God for His creation of the Earth itself. Frankly speaking, I’m just an amateur photographer who don’t have a DSLR, and snapping photos only by using my Nokia N82 phone 😀
Fact 7: Your stations are always being changed on daily basis – after lunch hour and tea break. So, whenever you got the chance to be stationed either at Level 41 (the Skybridge), Level 83, or Level 86 (the Observation Deck) – the place is all yours whenever the visitors are not there!
This is Ms Salwani – she is one of the staffs who has guided me since I first set foot there 🙂
As for this one – it’s one of the additional advantages 😛

In short – especially to high-school students who are about to finish their studies and appreciate time, and wanted to have less hassles on finding experiences and to gain extra knowledge while waiting to further studies either in university or college, well this is the place. An amount of honorarium will also be given upon your contribution. How much? Well, that are meant to be kept Private & Confidential. You will know it soon if you’ve passed an interview conducted after applying 🙂

Talking about the interview – it is one of a kind. Seriously, am not joking! It was a fun one actually! 😀 In my personal opinion, budding companies should learn on conducting less-pressure interviewing methods from them to really recruit talents with good potentials and indirectly the company’s image will be shared proudly by your staffs as well!

I would like also to take this chance to thank my best friend – Muhammad Ariff Mifzal, who has brought me together to widening my horizons right here. Not forgotten to Mr Nazri and the VMS team who had recruited me and also created unforgettable moments throughout the orientation programme. Last but not least, to all staffs and volunteers of PETTVO who had shaped me in various ways on becoming a better person from various aspects. A vibrant workplace + Aspiring teammates = Magnificent! 🙂
I’m looking forward to spend my time again there soon in the future whenever I have the chance as I don’t want to waste the opportunity given.

Best wishes and endless thanks!
Muhammad Hafiz 🙂

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