Campaigner Campaigning Campaign

Greetings everyone!

Hope this post finds you well 🙂

Referring to the post title: “Campaigner Campaigning Campaign“, below are the simple intro.
Campaigner : Me (myself)
Campaigning : The action/work
Campaign : Your Big Year 2011

Here’s more elaboration about it. As most of you know, I’m currently competing in the semi-final round of Your Big Year 2011 with other 110 semi-finalists from various countries. Below is the readable list for you to check who are the other competitors.

Your Big Year Top 111 Semi Finalists | 2011

So, hereby I’m kindly requesting for your full force of supports as for now, I’m currently collecting votes from as much as people as I can, as supports/”endorsements” to qualify me to become as the youngest finalist to compete in the Grand Finale round of the competition in Liverpool, next year 🙂

If you’re free, hope you can spare some time to vote me at

Below are the how-tos:

1) Before voting, do temporarily switch off your secure browsing for a while to enable voting.

2) Once switched off the secure browsing, click the address as mentioned earlier/on the above side, then watch the slideshows below and follow the exact steps. No worries, if you afraid you’ll miss the steps, you can pause the slideshow and go back and forth manually by clicking the buttons provided below 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The written instructions:
a) Click the address as mentioned earlier/on the above side
b) ‘Like‘ the Smaller Earth fan page
c) Click the ‘YBY Video Vote‘ application on the left-hand side
d) Then, search for video #43
e) Once found my video with #43, vote it.

Here is my video for my semi-final round entry, just in case if you can’t watch it on the FB app.

Truly appreciated your willingness on supporting me, and endless thanks in advance! Do share with your friends and urge them to vote for me along, pretty please? 🙂
Share this blog post with your friends via all social networks you’re on like Facebook and Twitter. If you’re sharing this on Twitter, mention my handle along which is @muhammad_haf1z. I’ll retweet and favourite your sharing tweets on Twitter 😀

Well, that’s all for me now. It’s the chance for you to see under-aged youths (<18 years) to be represented at a global stage! Make it happen if you wanna see Malaysian's home-grown youths to be known again globally! 🙂

Muhammad Hafiz

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