The Last Goodbye

Hi everyone! πŸ™‚

If this post has been published, it shows that I finally finished my exam, achieved my freedom, finished my 11 years journey as a school student, and leaving school for good. How it can be published if I didn’t type it, right? πŸ˜€

This is my last goodbye to all of the significant story writers in my life while I was a school student, consists of:
-my respected distinguished teachers who’s been teaching me for 5 years since Form 1, on catalysing the development of me as a better person, for everyone who know me and for everyone who I know.
-my awesome fellow schoolmates (both seniors and juniors), who’ve been apart of my life, through the leaps and bounds together.
-my 35 classmates from 5 Perakaunan/5 Accounting/5 Cekal (2011), who’ve been as the magnificent story writers in my life, sprinkling rarest spices and herbs of life from 2010-2011.

You made me who I am, from the words you said, knowledge that you shared, memories we’ve been apart of together, and experiences that we shared and celebrated together.

Thanks much to all of you who have wrote such unforgettable stories in my chapters of life and sprinkled the rarest spices and herbs of life upon me, appreciated much for everything. May God bless us all and may we meet again sometime soon.

5C 2011 - 1
5C 2011 - 2
5C 2011 - 3
5C 2011 - 4

Here is the closure song for my journey as a school student. Enjoy it! πŸ˜€

See you when I see you, sometime somewhere soon. A new travelogue of life, officially begin.

Till next time,
Muhammad Hafiz πŸ™‚

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