The finish line is the new beginning of a new phase in life

Hey everyone!
It has been quite some time I didn’t blog. Well, that’s just me, a normal human being who never stops making mistakes, which one of it is forgotten my blog for a long time yet I still have time to manage websites on WordPress xD

So, yeah referring to the post title, I’ve graduated from high school. But, quite off track as it’s quite early. In other word, I’m still in school yet still have a major examination to go through. Well, certainly most of us would agree that the days we spent in high school were certainly the best days of our lives. It was in school that we made our first friends, competed to excel, hoped for places in the sports teams, and learned our first lessons about life. But for sure, the emotions, drama, broken hearts, and lies are not among the best.

Well, the recent graduation ceremony was held on October 15 at Hotel Putra, KL. I would say it’s a good event despite of the glitches during the event. And telling the truth, I’m out of words on what to write, so just let the pictures below tell you of what had happened during those times.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, that’s it from me regarding my pre-graduation in life. As for the time being, I’m blogging for another post. So just wait for the second one to pop out!

That’s all and toddles folks! See you when I see you soon! 😀

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