100 Malaysian YOUTH Projects to be shown in Zurich, Switzerland!

Hello folks! 🙂

I hope my message finds you well.

I’m excited to inform you about this project called “One Young World ‘Impact’ Report”. This report is a compilation of projects done by Malaysian youths that have impacted communities.

My teammates and I are aiming to compile as many as 100 projects in this report, which will be featured in Zurich, Switzerland, in the global summit called “One Young World”.

One of my teammates, Michael Teoh, was the ambassador for Malaysia to this summit in London, last year, and our 1st report, showcasing Malaysian youths ideas and solutions to address pressing global issues have gained the attention from representatives from the UN, and even from our PM, Dato’ Seri Najib.

Internationally, people like Kofi Annan, Sir Bob Geldof, Richard Branson and Muhd Yunus have all got a copy of this report – The voices of our Malaysian Youths.

Kofi Annan receiving the 1st report in London
Our Prime Minister receiving the One Young World Youth Report 2010 in Parliament
Muhd. Yunus receiving the 1st Report in London
The OYW Youth Report has been circulated around the world to leaders and youths
Sir Richard Branson receives the 1st copy of the OYW Youth Report in 2010

ABOUT MSC Malaysia – One Young World Youth IMPACT Report 2011;


– It is a a Youth Report, supported by MSC Malaysia that would showcase 100 Youth Projects and Commentaries from Malaysian Industry Leaders on the Participation of Youths in Tackling Pressing Issues in Society.
– Last year, the 1st issue – the MSC Malaysia One Young World ‘Our Future Says’ report showed the ‘Ideas and Solutions’ by Malaysian youths for global issues. WHILE, this year, we are showing how our youths have tackled problems through their Campaigns and Projects.


– This report will be presented to 1,000 youths from 192 countries in Zurich, Switzerland this year, witnessed by global NGO leaders and key figures. This summit is called One Young World 2011.


– We hope to get YOUR HELP to take this SURVEY here and tell us about your Youth Project. Once that has been done, we will highlight your project as part of our writing for this report this year.
– This report will be translated to 3 languages (Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese) and will be distributed to universities, colleges, government ministries and agencies and businesses across Malaysia.
– SOME say this is FREE Publicity and a RECOGNITION channel for the industry to KNOW What you and your team have done to address issues, done by the youths for the youths.


– All you need to do is, FILL UP this short SURVEY form – Telling us all about Your Project/ Movement.
– Send me PICTURE(S) to hafizmuhammad.unitedkingdom@linux.com or muhammadhafiz_3989@yahoo.com.my, preferably in High-Res format so that we can include them into our report.


– We hope you can recommend this initiative to your friends or contacts that are also involved with youth projects. It does not matter if its from a High School, a College, a University or our Youths on the Streets.
– Any campaigns, movements or projects that address a social issue – WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


– Click here to participate, by filling details about yourself and the event(s) that you’ve been/you’re currently working on.
– Fill in the form. The more details you give us, the better!
– Let me know via my connectors that you’ve done so, so that I can thank you!
OPTIONAL: Share it on your Facebook Status or send this Form/ Link out to other Youth Groups!
– Spread the news about this project and this form! The more people we have in this list, the more projects we feature in this report, the more publicity each project can get!

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it!

Hope to have you on board with me in creating a report that will showcase the best talents and skills of our homegrown Malaysian young people!

Thanks again and I apologise for taking your time.

I hope to hear from you soon again! 🙂

Muhammad Hafiz and the One Young World team 2011.

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