Inaugural Gathering of Malaysia’s YOUTHS! :)

Hello to all of you, readers!
Apologies because being away for a long time I guess, of didn’t post any updates! πŸ™‚

So, this is the story which I really can’t wait to write about! πŸ˜€

From 1 September 2010 until 20 November 2010, this is the times which I’ve worked together with awesome youths, to organize a funtastic gathering of Malaysia’s YOUTHS, all under 1 roof for 1 day, which is known as TEDxYouth@KL πŸ˜€ The youths who behind all of it is:

1) Prashun Kumar Choudhury, the guy who offered me a bouquet of flower!
2) Shobana Nair, the girl who speak fluently in Malay, yet still admit herself as a Chinese girl!
3) Teh Teng Yew, the tech guy!
4) S. Vikram Menon, the guy who I frequently didn’t notice his appearance, sorry ya!
5) Sonia Yeow, the girl who frequently hangout at the registration counter!

Well, to tell the truth, it’s worth of spending my time and energy, of working for something funtastic! Being as 4 persons in one time, surely gonna be tiring although for me, it’s damn fun because I love of what I’m doing. Like what the author of The Secret which is Rhonda Byrne, have wrote in her book “Money doesn’t bring happiness, but happiness brings money” πŸ™‚

Although I doing it voluntarily (of course without any payments), but I still gain something that is more valuable than money, which is:
1) More connections to more awesome youths and youth leaders!
2) Experiences of working as an adult in the working field that I’m very passionate about, which is Media!
3) Opportunities of strengthen up the current connections with friends!
4) Tonnes of personal compliments, appreciations and respects!
5) Embarking myself!
6) Exposition to more opportunities in the future!

So, on the summit day, which is 20 November 2010, everything goes well smoothly, although in the morning was quite complicated on settling off some tech problems πŸ˜€ And, for the first time, I’ve met almost all of the people that I never met in the real world, but very close in the IT world, which makes me feel damn energetic and happy at the same time, although for 1 day only πŸ™‚

Plus, the summit become better and better, when awesome counsellors starting to give their inspiring talk, which is:
1) Niki Cheong, the 1A student!
2) Johan Farid Khairuddin (JFK), the guy with an Apple iPad!
3) Alia Nadhirah, the future doctor who had made some kids smile!
4) John-Son Oei, the EPIC guy!
5) Sabrie Salleh, the Youth Entrepreneur!
6) Aanantha, the Beatboxer
7) Navin Muruga, the ecobuddy!

And not forget too, the Special Supporters who had backed up the Ambassadors, from the start until the end of the summit:
1) Yap Jin Rui, the working partner that I’m very proud of!
2) Tristan Toh, the guy who is a so-call racist, yet can become as an awesome emcee!
3) Adrian Irwin Jerah, the guy who can manage crowd very well!
4) S.M.Chandima, the girl who can become as a good assistant for anyone, on managing something!
5) Abd Azim, the guy who is a good photographer!
6) Khairul Azri, the guy who can do works very well!
7) Brendan Yap Aik Fan, the guy who can manage F&B matters with awesomeness!
8] Shannon Chow, the girl who is very useful in social media matters!
9) Aneth Athea, the girl who always love to tease people, the good way, and can cheer up her teammates!

Another thing is, the compliments that I’ve received from peoples after the summit! Thanks to all of you, as I’m very appreciated about it πŸ™‚

“Thanks for all the hard work Hafiz! It was nice meeting you! :)” – Shobana Nair

“Hey Dude! u Thanks a bunch for your help man!! i really appreciate your work! you were awesome man! lets meet up some where in december and personal treat from me man!! :)” – Prashun Kumar Choudhury

“Hafiz! so sorry couldn’t meet you before i left. I was searching for you but could not find you; I think didn’t search hard enough kot:P anyway, it’s a pleasure meeting you!:D Excellent excellent job!!! You’re so young yet already involved in so2 many things. That’s a rarity. Keep it up and make your own waves throughout Malaysia and the world yeah? I’d want to hear all about YOU being THE change and coming out in local and international papers!;) Good luck and all the best!:)” – Alia Nadhirah

“lol! Awww , you are my mint flavoured chewing gum :p It was really nice working with you too and I hope we can do it all over again! Take care ya , keep in touch πŸ˜‰ β™₯” – S.M Chandima

“it was great working with you as well πŸ˜€ you’re seriously awesome. hahaha. see you around soon!” – Yap Jin Rui

“anyhow it’s my pleasure to meet all of you, albeit the fact that i’m considered to oldest in the SST team XD” – Brendan Yap Aik Fan

“Great Job for u!” – Shannon Chow

“Hey, the day was great. I had good times and it was simply amazing with you in it. thanks for giving me a chance. We gonna meet again. Soon. :-)” – Aneth Athea

“Congratulation Muhammad Hafiz to u and gang…. β€Œ” – Dato’ Mohd Noor Al-Akbari

“We need more youths like you who willingly and readily spend their time for a noble cause =)” – Jamilah Samian

“congrats for organizing a great event.” – Zeffree Kan

“tahniah Hafiz, awak hebat :)” – Abdul Wahid

“Full of energy and always striving to do his best, Hafiz has experience beyond his years and is a true role-model for the youths of Malaysia!” – Lorraine Siew

“aha… good one for youth community!!” – Mohd Fazli

“Thanks brother. Great job !” – John-Son Oei

Last but not least, wanna inform that, a few pictures of the summit has been uploaded into Flickr, and you can take a look of it, right here!

OK, that’s all from me! Thanks to all of you, for the awesome + funtastic + inspiring + priceless + unforgettable moments together, although just for a day only!

If have anything to tell or ask, don’t hesitate to use the Connectors to connect to me! πŸ™‚

Peace out,
Muhammad Hafiz πŸ™‚

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