Success in SCOUTING! :)

Well, hello to all! Thanks for dropping by 😀
OK, here’s another story of my success, but this is my 1st story of success in scouting! 😀

Remember or not, that I’ve recently participated the 14th World Scout Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) on October 2010? Well, the reason that I posted about this is because, during the jamboree, WOSM and UNICEF had created a questionnaire for it’s participants, whereas it have 3 sub themes which is Youth Rights, Youth Involvement, and Youth Empowerment. So, I chose to answer the questions for Sub Theme 1 – Youth Rights with confidence, and without hoping that one/all of my answers will be published in this year’s JOTI report.

So today (051110 – Friday), I opened the WOSM website, and saw the post about this year’s JOTI report, and suddenly, I saw the chosen answers from Malaysia, was my answers for the questionnaire, published in this year’s report of JOTI for Sub Theme 1 – Youth Rights!

Here’s my answers for the questions:
Question n° 1: Do you know your rights? Can you name five rights that are part of the Convention on the Rights of the Child?
Published Answer:Respect for the views of the child, Freedom of expression, Freedom of association, Right to privacy, Access to information. (Malaysia)

Question n° 2: Which right, according to you, is the most important? And why?
Published Answer:The most important is the Freedom of Expression. Because, it’s time! Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s youth. That’s why we need today’s leaders to always support us and not condemn us when we voice out our opinions! Who knows? It might be useful, if not today, maybe for the future (Malaysia)

Question n° 3: Describe a situation where you or someone you know, had the feeling that your/their rights were not respected.
Published Answer:Well, it’s frustrating when people, easily ignore me, just because they think that I’m a raw-minded youth. (Malaysia)

Well, you’re know it already! It’s such an honour for me, that my answers has been the chosen answers for this year’s JOTI, and also, represented Malaysia too! 🙂

And click here, if you wanna check other answers from other countries, for other sub themes! 🙂

OK, that’s all from me! Keep in touch, ya! 🙂
Muhammad Hafiz 😀

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