Consensus was a blessing :)

Holla youths!
Thanks for drop by, and here’s a post which related to my school life (finally after long time, got no ideas for a while, to post anything which related to my school life) 😀

Well, yesterday (Sat-161010), I attended my school’s 1st Annual Gathering Of the Prefects 🙂 So, from what I’ve observed and experienced yesterday, at the gathering, overall I can say, it’s damn awesome!

Personally for me, this is a good opportunity for networking. But, you must be asking yourself like this “Networking is kinda like business-related activity. So, what’s the relation(s) between networking and school? And what the heck is he babbling about?”

And, here’s my answers. What do I meant about networking, at my school’s event is, I got to know more students from the evening session, which I only knew around 0.0025% of them only, or lesser, which equivalent to the size of a tiny micron 😀

Plus, I would like also say congrats to the Project Manager, which is Siti Hawa Zulaikha, and also her comrades, who make it happened with a sprinkle of charms! 🙂

So, below are the photos of the gathering 😉 Have fun looking at the pics. Plus, for a larger view, just click the pic(s)

Well, that’s all from me. And, if you do related with any upcoming events, hopefully you can contact me using the connectors 😉

Muhammad Hafiz 😉

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