Connecting YOUTHS and Powered by YOUTHS! =)

Holla Readers! Forgive me for sleeping for almost 2 weeks I guess after the awesome and inaugural event of YOUTH ’10 – Malaysia’s Largest YOUTH Festival at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 28-30 March 2010, organised by YouthAsia, co-organised by The Prestigious Avenue Sdn Bhd, Expomal International and Majlis Belia Selangor, and also endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Learning, Malaysia.

‘Connecting YOUTHS and Powered by YOUTHS! =)’ is the new tagline for my blog, and also represent the event I talked about, which is YOUTH ’10 – Malaysia’s Largest YOUTH Festival.

Through hundreds of experience, I know events are draining, tiring, and there’s one million things that can go completely wrong, especially when you’re not expecting it.

Anyway, I was positioned in the REGISTRATION team with the awesome TECH SUPPORT guy which is Firdouss Ross, which the team were worked at the counter to distribute tickets and passes to those who came.

First day, was damn crazy with unexpected hit of visitors who came. But, everything goes well because of the way the YOUTH LEADERS in the team worked at that time, although NOBODY I guess, have the chance(s) to ‘ponteng’, LOL! XD

Second day, this time makes I’m the ONLY one who crazy I guess! Why? Because a trip from my school came in, and also unexpected schoolmates who came. Why is it unexpected? Because, those peoples RSVPed in Facebook for a gathering I’ve created as ‘Not Attending’, and suddenly they came. And also, I’ve missed my dearly adopted non-biological sister’s hug which is Aina Nabilah because of I’m not so heard of what she said due to noises and after that realised what she said after she went back home which is ‘Need a hug?’, than I scream in me ‘WAAARGH! How stupid I am to let go away chances like that?!’ and I start feel that thing sorta like missing, and feels my life are uncompleted for the day. Whatever it is, life still goes on! ;D

Third day, is the sad day for all of us, the insiders of the event which is the ORGANISERS and VOLUNTEERS. Why? Because that’s the day the event ended. Although it’s a sad day, but thanks to Khailee Ng and Audrone Pakalnyte because recruited me into the YouthAsia team ;D The counter were closed by 8:30PM, same goes with the security checkers and the others, also disappeared at that time. Everybody shoots off to Fly FM Campur Chart Goes LIVE to watch Caprice, Lapsap and more at that time. The REGISTRATION team members head down back to the counter after Caprice show ended, and at that time was Bittersweet that currently performing, it’s damn boring. Around 10:30PM, me and other volunteers goes back home as I’m going to school on Monday, and some of them are taking public transports.

As conclusion, the event was damn awesome because of the team although missed a lot of talks at the conference that already planned to go. Hopefully can meet all of them again next year!

Sneak Peeks/Pictures/Photos/Memorabilia etc whatever it’s called! :

Cheers, Regards, Hugs, YOUTH Powers!

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